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    • Android 4.4.4 KitKat with FluidUI 5.0
    • Based on latest CyanogenMod 11 build
    • Update the ROM directly from your device using OTA service
    • Official bootanimation
    • Android L Heads Up
    • Nova Launcher
    • Theme Engine
    • DashClock Lockscreen Notifications
    • Exclusive Google apps called Ehndrogapps also available in Slim version
    • Fully customizable quick settings with a new interface
    • Tweaks designed for a smooth system experience and better battery life
    • No more ads in the apps
    • Google Public DNS
    • Modded AOSP Music Player
    • Use the services offered by your CyanogenMod account
    • Option to disable root for more security
    • Improve user experience using Ehndraddon
    • Listen to music with an exclusive music player based
    • Send messages with exclusive Ehndroix app with a very attractive look, fully customizable and with new features
    • Beautiful rounded icon for to be pleasing on HD screens
    • Fantastic official Ehndroix wallpapers
    • Wide range of ringtones, notification and alarms very catchy
    • Perfect working GPS in all countries due to the automatic fix satellites
    • ROM in constant development ( keep up to date thanks to date version )
    • Keep safe your data with Titanium Backup installed by default
    • ... and much more!


    Coming from a previous EHNDROIX V:
    Download Ehndroix V
    Download Ehndrogapps
    Wipe Cache
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Flash Ehndroix V
    Flash Ehndrogapps

    Coming from EHNDROIX IV or other ROMs:
    Download Ehndroix V
    Download Ehndrogapps
    Update the recovery to latest version
    Wipe Data
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Flash Ehndroix V
    Flash Ehndrogapps


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